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Getting Real on Higher
Date Posted: 2014-03-10, Source/Author: Lessons in Flight - Vol. 1 No. 1 August 2013
HGA has a lot of tough activities but full of learnings. I realized that life is very important in its deepest meaning. ( # 1 Jopher )

I realized for once I can do something on my own. My life is too precious for me to just take it for granted. I only have one chance to live but I always put myself in danger. Now I will treasure my life so much more for a new beginning. ( # 2 Mely Ann )

Although it was very, very hard to do all the activities, somehow I survived with a little help from my friends….. ( # 8 Alex )

I have learned to value my life more and realized that I cannot afford to be over-confident and complacent. HGA has helped me strengthen my character as a person that whatever comes to me whether a problem or depression, I can now face them with more courage. ( # 9 – Manuel )

HGA has brought a lot of realizations that it is not easily found in everyday situations. The value of life and how to keep it in the right path is something that makes HGA unique. The part that made every participant realized that no matter hard life could be, we just have to hold on, never let go, never quit! That was something that really put out all my emotions. ( # 10 Kat )

I’m 51 years old and I can’t believe I was able to pass this very difficult experience. So now I know I can still do good things that can make me successful. Kailangan magsimula na ako kung anon a ang balak ko sa buhay ko. Paano ko mapapatunayan na nagbago na talaga ako, so kailangan simulan ko na. ( # 14 – Edwin )

I will apply all my HGA learnings everyday up to my last breath! Especially sa pakikibaka sa mga tukso sa buhay… ( # 15 Roland )

HGA made me face my biggest enemy/problem/obstacle – myself! Learning more about life and the struggles it brings will prepare me when I am outside. The greatest thing for me though is how I was reminded about all the things I did wrong which I forgot or intentionally tried to forget….It is making me face who I am. The me before who did not think there was anything wrong or that I had to change. By making me face that I have 2 choices, run or stand my ground. A great test of oneself. ( # 17 - Anthony )

HGA is a very emotional, crazy, complete chaos activity. The perfect venue to test a person’s strengths, weaknesses and determination. I have learned to never give up and to always keep on fighting. I’ve lost and wasted my life once…didn’t care much for it, but after Seagulls and HGA, my life now has more value to me and my family. ( # 22 Princess )

The 3-day was a test of myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Like life, it has its ups and downs. Staying focused and following instructions will help me have a better future…I should fight for my life and not take it for granted like the intensity we put in to all the activities. ( # 25 – Diego )

Now I know I can do things on my own and make my own choices. This traIning helped me to become more mature and better person…While doing the Individual Blindman’s Trail, I was reflecting on what I did in the past years and that has helped me gain insights on how I can have a better future… ( # 27 – Chris )

I realized that life is very important so do not waste it….Most valuable aspect of the training for me is Determination – because before I always give up in every test and always run from them, but now I learned I should never give up… Never Say Never! ( # 28 – TJ )

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