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Date Posted: 2018-05-28
Saving lives is never easy.

When Seagulls started in 1998, it was a humble effort of people who dedicated their lives to the possibility of recovering from addiction. Rekindling a good life is a line marked in the horizon. As years went by, the goal stayed the same, but methods and approaches changed radically. Seagulls Flight embraced contemporary advancement in addiction treatment. The flock modified the therapeutic community and merged it with evidenced- based treatment approaches, ensuring that the individual needs of the people were addressed. While people have come and gone, the treatment approach transformed. How fitting it is to witness lives recover the same time Seagulls Flight's humble efforts evolved.

The flock experienced several challenges through the twenty years. Even though armed with the heart to uphold recovery, Seagulls Flight ventured a rocky path. Others might describe the journey as an uphill battle. Wounds were suffered. Tears were shed. The people nevertheless persevered. Seagulls remained true to its mission. The flock gradually spread its wings and gathered valuable lessons in flight. And these lessons strengthened the resolve to recover lives from addiction.

Helping save lives is never easy.

To do it for twenty years is nothing short of a triumph. This is a mission fueled by hope and faith in the goodness of the individual. Driving this task is a vision of better lives and continuous recovery. Behind everything are the hearts of everyone who made the last twenty years possible. As the next chapter unfolds, so are these wings ready to fly beyond!

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