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Success Stories  
Testimonials from Graduates
"I was thirteen years old when I first tried marijuana. By the time I was sixteen I had moved on to harder drug, and had developed a number of behavioral problems. I was angry, violent and impulsive among many things. I had dropped out of school, left home and was living homeless on the streets. My drug choice became ice (known in the Philippines as shabu) and volatile inhalants. Left with no choice, my family had to bring me to the Philippines and to Seagulls Flight Foundation.

My life now has a purpose. It has meaning and direction, and with that comes a great feeling of accomplishment. There was a time in my life when I used to walk barefoot down dirty streets looking, living only for my next hit of dope. When I used to sniff gasoline out of abandoned cars to decrease the hunger pains from days of not eating...

I graduated from an International School in 2007. I was given the academic award for most improvement as I finished off the year witha 3.9 GPA. My academic success was only a part of the bigger picture- my recovery. Now I am continuing my education in Canada. There are many things that help to keep me from slipping back to drugs. I enjoy giving back and sharing to tohers my experiences. I have good friends who help me out and keep me away from trouble. I am proud to be part of the Seagulls family. I still choose to stay sober every day."
- PC, 2007 Graduate
"There are so many things in life that are far more important and better than using and getting hooked on drugs and alcohol."
- J, 2008 Graduate
"Being at Seagulls allowed me to gain back my humility because being at the top of my career made me too proud to accept my mistakes and misfortunes. I learned peace and acceptance that results from confronting myself through others. God gave me a fresh start here in Seagulls."
- D.L., 2009 Graduate
"I can confidently say that I am no longer a loser. I know whatever I do now, I can do it better, face life's ups and downs with courage, and keep my sobriety with determination. All these are made possible because of SEAGULLS."
- RM, 2009 Graduate
"What has life been for me after Seagulls.. well, it has NEVER BEEN ANY BETTER! Though just like anybody else's life, life has its ups and downs...only this time, I'm able to cope without having to escape and deal with drugs."
- FE, 2000 Graduate
"I am proud to say that the formula for staying sober as advised by my mentor and friend, Kuya Ed works."
- PP, 2001 Graduate
"Seagulls approach in using the community as agents of change started to make an impact on me. Being with my fellow residents taught me self-control and responsibility. Every privilege granted made me appreciative of the things I perceived worthless. Every reprimand made me realize that I am accountable to God, to myself and to others. It was during those times when I was stripped of all the things I used to have. But I was left with the chance to shape up."
- RL, 2002 Graduate
"Responsibility is the best thing I ever learned in the program and is now something which I do my best to practice each and every day of my life. Before Seagulls, it wasn't even in my vocabulary."
- RG, 2003 Graduate
"I have managed to turn my life around, I have worked hard for it and now I will never let it go. Having Seagulls as my extended family is a vital key to sobriety."
- MF, 2004 Graduate
"I was once a very confused and lost person, but now because of the discipline and hardship of the program, I was able to pick my life back again."
- NS, 2005 Graduate
"At age 69, I thought my frail and sickly body would not be able to hack the demands of the program... But I told myself that I will not allow the situation to put me down and affect me So ...I did my program and lived with it. And I succeeded!"
- NP, 2005 Graduate


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